For your convenience find the documents you need here on our Website. To access the Documents click on the Open File below the document of your choice. 


Student Device Application Form- DOE has given the Elementary Schools a GO to post and distribute the Technology Application form to parents/guardians. . If you are interested in registering for a GDOE Laptop to please fill out the form. You may email it back (  or return it with your child's packet on Fridays. Once we are ready we will let parents/guardians know to pick up a Technology Agreement Form before New Lap tops arrive.

If you filled out the Student Device Application Form to receive a Laptop for your child. The next step is to fill out the ParentGuardian and Student Equipement Agreement Form. Once complete please email to

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We will keep you posted.

PATH- Providing Access to Homes

GDOE in collaboration with the Governor's office is providing mobile internet access for qualified families to address remote learning created by the COVID19 Pandemic. This program will help qualified families  to apply and receive free internet via a MIFI device. *For families with multiple students per household, please complete only one (1) application per household and list the names of the students on the student information box on the back of the form. Submit the application where your eldest child is enrolled. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We will keep you posted.

Sihek News

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION is ongoing. If your child turned 5 years old by July 31, 2021 you may contact the main office at 300-1680 to let them know you will be picking up a registration form. It's highly encouraged to submit registration packet as soon as possible.

****1st- 5th grade registration is also on-going.  (We are not entertaining Out-of- District students at this time)

WITHDRAWAL PROCESS is ongoing during PCOR3. Please call the main office 300-1680 to set an appointment. School personnel will help you through "Curbside Assistance" outside the school building. 


*Please continue to communicate with your child's teacher(s) to ensure your child has submitted all assignments


[ ]1st  & 3rd Quarter will be a Progress Reporting period and not a final grade for Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Chamorro. Your child will receive the following:

Pass(P)-  Enough evidence to determine passing

Not Enough Evidence (NE)- Not Enough Evidence to determine passing

No Grade (NG)- No contact with student or no evidence submitted

NOTE: Teachers will continue to communicate with parents/guardians weekly of their child's progress. Please reach out to your child's teacher should circumstances arise.

[ ]2nd & 4th Quarter will be Report Card reporting period. Final grades will be based on a Tiered Grading System:

4-Exceeding (Demonstrates thorough understanding of standards and skills, and performance goes beyond what has been explicitly taught)

3- Proficient (Demonstrates understanding of content knowledge and skills without assistance)

2- Approaching Proficiency (Demonstrates some understanding of content knowledge and skills with assistance)

1- Needs Supports (Demonstrates limited understanding of content knowledge and skills only with a lot of assistance)

0- No Grade/No Evidence (No Work submitted to make a final determination)


Parent Letter on Grading Policy for 1st Quarter

Parent Orientation Info:

Parent Orientation Powerpoint presentation for Face-to-Face on August 5 & 6

Parent Orientation Powerpoint presentation for Distance Learning on August 5 & 6

Parent Orientation Powerpoint presentation for Face to Face Learners on January 12

Parent - Teacher Organization (PTO)



PTO Officers (SY 2020-2021):

President: Mr. Kyle Mandapat

Vice President: Ms. Ruthie Lucero

Secretary: Ms. Jenny Luces

Treasurer: Mrs. Nilfa Milan

PIO: Ms. Linda Perez

Sgt. of Arms: Ms. Michelle Chan & Mr. Pete Dizon

We would love for you to join our Team! If you are interested in being apart of our Parent-Teacher Organization, please stay tuned for announcements. Visit us on Facebook:  Liguan Elem PTO for updates

(Zoom Meeting ID: 954 9448 2437  Passcode: 337317)


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